Multiple renal, bladder & prostate pathologies

 49 years old male presented with post-void dribbling of urine. Ultrasound scan was done and showed multiple abnormalities:
1.       Both kidneys are slightly smaller in size with irregular margin. Right kidney measures 8.6cm and left kidney measures 9cm. However, the cortical thickness is intact. This is indicative of early chronic pyelonephritis.
2.       Prostate is enlarged with elevation of bladder base. Prostate volume is 30cc. This is consistent with benign prostatic hypertrophy.
3.       A 7mm midline shift is noted in the prostate superiorly.  This is consistent with Mullerian duct cyst.
4.       A 2.3cm bladder stone.
5.       A 1.3cm diverticulum at the right side of bladder laterally.

Right kidney with irregular margin

Left kidney with irregular margin

Enlarged prostate with 30cc volume

7mm Mullerian duct cyst

2.3cm bladder stone

1.3cm bladder diverticulum